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    First let's starts this off by saying Good Morning, Afternoon, or Goodnight peeps, how are you? Like everyone else you're probably wondering what the meaning behind Rare Beliefs Clothing is? Being rare can be as worthy as being unique or as hurtful as being strange. Beliefs can be as important as faith or as irrelevant as a simple thought. The positive or negative perception is all based on that individual's perception and the perception you have of yourself should always be positive. Yes, they called you strange and weird as a kid, but don't see it as a bad thing. See the good in the fact that you are such an individual that people can't understand... Stay forever young. Yes, they said your dreams were childish and you needed to become more realistic, but see the good in the fact that you dream so big that people can't understand them. Stay forever dreaming. Rare Beliefs Clothing is a line made for those who never gave up and to inspire those to never give up... one shirt at a time. Not only one shirt at a time, but one belief at a time. That rare belief will be the reason why you didn't give up... No matter what age... no matter what situation, you stayed Young with those Rare Beliefs and you made it.

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